Completely Healed After Nine Years

Updated: Sep 16

Fighting for my health taught me more than I ever set out to know.

I grew up eating well. My mom made homemade food, Argentinian cuisine, empanadas, meat, and more. I had a very active lifestyle. My dad was a former rugby pro and he raised me to be an athlete. I played competitive basketball, soccer, and volleyball from an early age, but after discovering I could sing & play guitar at 16, I left sports behind to explore my creative voice.

After high school, big music contracts landed me in Times Square 2010 to perform for 1.2M people on New Years Eve. But out of nowhere, memories of trauma came crashing in, and with it a chronic illness. The medical mystery baffled doctors for seven years. Two surgeries and seven procedures couldn't fix the swelling in my face. I was diagnosed with a non-cancerous, 'lymphatic hygroma' and told I would live the rest of my life with the deformity.

My Battle to Survive

I did what I could to bring beauty out of, what I consider to be, the darkest time of my life.

Memories of trauma flooded most of my twenties and I spent most of my time in and out of gyms and hospitals. I deep-dived into weight-lifting, yoga, dieting and cleansing. I tried all kinds of Eastern & Western medicines to heal what had become 60+ symptoms of PTSD, including body dysmorphia and an eating disorder,.

None of this healed me, though I learned vital self-care routines and wellness expertise that landed me a career writing for health & fitness magazines in 2015.

My frustration grew the harder I worked to heal. Nothing worked. Hopelessness led to addiction, which distanced me from society. I craved normalcy, belonging, hope and healing.

In 2016, I took up running with a unique group in downtown LA called, The Skid Row Running Club. The group comprised of recovering homeless men & women living in the Midnight Mission, LAPD officers, attorneys, Netflix employees, and regular people like me. We were led by Superior Court Judge of LA, Craig Mitchell, and it was there with the homeless that I finally felt free to be myself. We bonded over the brokenness of our stories and pushed on together to make something beautiful with the pain. In March 2017, I finished the LA Marathon alongside my Skid Row friends.

A documentary was being made about our team at the time, which inspired me to step out and share my story & my struggle. In 2017, made a short film about my life called, "The Coverup Girl Movie" which gave voice to my pain and brought a few miracles, though not the big one I was hoping for. UCLA pardoned my medical bills, extended family reached out to support me, and the swelling in my face went down significantly, though I still lived with pain in my mind & soul.

Making the most of a miracle

Getting sued might have been the biggest blessing of my life - it drove me straight to the throne room to beg God for a miracle.

In 2018, my dad brought a lawsuit against me for releasing "The Coverup Girl Movie." I prayed for the first time in 10 years. I said, 'God, if you help me get out of this lawsuit, I will give you my life and serve you forever."

So in a radical turn of events, I won the lawsuit. In the United States, the person who sues has the 'burden of proof', which means it's on them to have to prove their case. Well, I won the lawsuit because my dad couldn't prove he that he hadn't abused me. God sent a high-powered attorney and Hollywood agent to defend me, for free, and i won the right to forever tell my story.

Winning changed everything. Something about feeling defended made my craving for freedom even stronger.

I left puddles of tears on the floor of my kitchen most days of 2019, praying, crying, and asking God to fix my life. I felt intense hatred over what my life had become and deep despair over how hard I needed to work to manage all my symptoms of trauma. I prayed more in those three months than I did in 30 years.

I can't explain how relief entered my soul, but I was finally able to heal. The more I prayed, the more joy returned to me, though life circumstances remained the same. Finally, I made the choice to go all in with Jesus and I got re-baptized on my 30th birthday. A few months later, every single symptom of trauma disappeared! The lymphatic hygroma and the scar tissue from surgeries disappeared! All 60+ symptoms of PTSD, including body dysmorphia, addiction, and anxiety were healed!

I remember waking up one day with the sense that 'nothing bothered me'.

I never knew such radical healing existed. All those years I was trying to hard to fix my life myself, and in the end it was what I didn't do, surrendering to Jesus, that healed me.

Re-discovering Fatih, Health & Wellness

My journey toward chronic wellness has left me unexplainably optimistic about the problems we face in today's world. I learned to believe that anything is possible when we partner natural solutions with God's supernatural power. I gained incredible tools, like how to eat & workout well, how to nurture my mind/body and thrive. All of these 'natural' tools help me stay at my best emotionally, mentally, and physically, day to day, but in the end, it was God's 'supernatural' tools that unlocked my total recovery.