From a Coffee Shop to Times Square

Updated: Jul 2

We all have a way of dealing with life; mine was writing songs and playing guitar.

I taught myself to play guitar on YouTube in 2006. When I didn't have a guitar, I carved 6-lines into a styrofoam pool noodle and kept practicing finger positions. Six months into learning guitar, I started writing songs and performing them at the local Coffee Bean.

It was there I was signed as a model discovered as a songwriter; I signed with LA Models, and Primary Wave Music. I recorded my first EP, 'Window EP' and made my musical debut in Times Square on New Years Eve 2010 in front of 1.2 million people. I was twenty years old.

I performed "Kiss On My List" by Hall & Oates and my original song, "Window," which were featured on my Window EP, my first official release as a signed artist. My music was featured in several Nivea TV commercials, and I even made it into People Magazine where Nivea published 1-page ad to promote the "Valentine's Day Movie," and me, Delfina, their debut artist of the year.

I was off to the races, ready to sign with Lady Gaga's producer, RedOne, and move to Sweden to be part of his writing camp. But soon after my big debut, traumatic childhood memories resurfaced and I had to step out of the spotlight and into the most painful season of my life, to heal.

I spent the next 10 years songwriting, retracing trauma, battling a chronic illness, and finding peace, wherever I could find it. Thankfully, I had made enough money from my brief music & modeling career that I was able to rest and write music as a means of healing. It was a painful journey , but it forged a fighter in me and gave way to my entire repertoire of music.

My collection of albums vividly captures the arc of my story, from being broken and feeling lost in 2007 to being healed and finding hope again in 2022.

My Journey Through Music

This is my journey in musical form: every album represents a season of my life and each song tells a part of my story.

2007 | There's Always Something Else

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This is the first album I ever recorded when I was 18 years old. You might hear how young and small my voice is and that I can't play to a metronome yet, but what I hear when I listen to this album is my innocence, my heart and the strength of my resolve to find meaning and answers beyond what I was experiencing at the time.

It was a friend from Coffee Bean that encouraged me to record and go after a music career. I didn't know that was 'a thing'; I still thought I wanted to become a psychologist at the time. But, Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, told me 'you have the voice of an angel,' and he pushed me to record my songs, which later become this album.

2010 | Window EP

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Window EP is a 3-song album that I recorded months before stepping on stage in Times Square. It was my first professionally produced album that we recorded at Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

'Window' is my original song. The other 2 songs, 'Kiss On My List' and 'Sparkle & Shine' were covers assigned to me by my publishing company and licensed to Nivea for their national TV ads.

2013 | Dreamer

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This 11-song album is a compilation of self-recorded songs I wrote in my in between years -- between Time Square and my next, smaller debut in Venice Beach, CA. I called this album 'Dreamer' because that's how I would describe myself during this time. I spent most of my time going for walks on the beach or in Topanga Canyon, dreaming of what life would feel like someday when I was free from the inner torment trauma left me with. It has a range of whimsical songs, to deeper songs that reflect my healing process.

2014 | She Sends Her Love

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This is one of my favorite albums. I recorded these songs with Drew Beck, my boyfriend at the time.

Together we captured the music sound-scape of my soul at the time. The songs are complex, melodic, and powerful. I performed this set often at The WitzEnd in Venice Beach, CA as I stepped back onto the scene after a few years spent in isolation in Topanga Canyon.

2015 | Free

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FREE was my anthem from the minute I wrote it, until the day I became fully free in 2019. I wrote it out of my singing range in the key of 'E' and trained myself to hit the highest notes so I could record it and perform it.

This was often people's favorite song from the sets I played or songs they listened to of mine online. The lyrics go, 'Bold enough to lay it on the line, I'm gonna be free.' Four years after this release I would find out exactly what it meant to be free.

2017 | Grace (Live Recordings)

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This is one of my more interesting albums, a compilation of songs I recorded live, one right after another. They explore new tones & textures in my voice, and some new areas of my vocal range. It was a time of experimenting. I wrote the first and third songs spontaneously, 'You're Beautiful' and 'Inside & Out'.

Singing in these new ways helped me break out of the more 'pop' sound and embrace my more unstructured indie, soulful, singer-songwriter side.

2018 | By Myself

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By Myself, in my opinion, is another gem in my collection of albums. It's far from a shiny album; it doesn't try to figure out any of the pain. It's completely raw, honest, written on the spot and recorded on a whim. There is nothing contrived about these 3 songs. It's my most honest writing at the time and sung in the most honest, emotive way I could get out.

2019 | Mon Amour

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A new sound emerges. This song is the first glimmer of light after a long 10 year journey. It sounds and feels fresh like a mermaid rising up and out of the ocean. The lyrics go, 'Crashing waves, I see you stand up tall, above it all.' Later that year I would be that mermaid, getting baptized in the pacific ocean, emerging brand new, PTSD free, and healed of a chronic illness.

2019 | Take My Hand

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Soon after my baptism I went for a walk to make sense of all the new freedom I had inside. The wind-chimes outside my little green cottage in Topanga Canyon sang the first 7 notes of the melody this song is based on. The lyrics came to me on the hike and by the time I got back home, the entire song was figured out in my head. I sat down at my piano, turned the microphone on and recorded what you hear in this single.

2019 | Como Sos Vos

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I go back to my roots in my faith and in my native language (Castilian Spanish from Argentina) in this song, 'Como Sos Vos,' which in English translates to, 'the way you are.' It's the first worship song I ever wrote in my first language. It's another live, one-take performance I recorded originally for a YouTube video that later I released as a single.

2019 | Harmony is the Journey

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I wrote this song by request for my friend, Rhonna Del Rio, the painter of the picture featured on the album. The song is about family and belonging.

In 2017, she welcomed me into her home and our friendship nurtured my inner artist. The song 'Harmony is the Journey' captures the spirit behind our friendship and is featured in her documentary, Rooted. Rhonna's webpage link is here

2020 | Sacred (Different Kind of Life)

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'Sacred' breaks every line of conformity in my songwriting. It gives voice to my anger and frustration at the lies of the world, the lies that kept me sick, hidden, and in pain for over a decade when all I wanted was to find that one thing (Jesus) that could rescue, heal, see and love me. You could call this a 'Christian Pop' song, or it can slide under the religious radar and be considered an anthem for cutting through the noise of today. The catchy chorus rings out, "Look me in the eyes, no compromise, I want a di-di-different kind of life. I realize the sacrifice, it's worth the price, I want a di-di-different kind of life."

2021-22 | TIDAL WAVE

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Live Videos: YouTube link here.

In an epic burst of energy and creativity, I got together with Rhonna (the artist from 'Harmony is the Journey' and recorded 66 of my songs for YouTube. I sang & played in the foreground, while she painted & sketched in the background. These live performances capture the best of my songs from the fourteen years I spent making music.

This album includes new renditions of old songs that were wildly loved from my earliest days, like 'Untitled' , 'There's Always Something Else' and 'Ritmo Porteño.' It includes painful songs from my in-between years like, 'Daughter' and 'I Can't Make You Choose.' And it features some really special songs that I co-wrote with two of my longest-enrolled students, Chiara (Rhonna's daughter) and her best friend, Juliet, called, 'Seedling Song' & 'Dream Reality'.

The online video series on YouTube additionally features my most recently written worship songs like, 'Heavy Halleluiah' and 'Te Quiero Jesus.'

Music - A Past Season Now

As of June 2022, I decided to stop pursuing music as a career and to use my voice in an entirely new way. My music library remains on YouTube, Spotify & Apple Music and will forever echo out my story even as I pivot now to tell it in new ways, for new purposes & in new venues.


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