Stories of Strength

Updated: Sep 16

I was surprised to find that the power of community to transform the individual might have its loudest expression in the world of fitness.

Can you see the microphone in the picture above? It's to the left of my head. Music opened the door for me to step into a world I'd only known through my dad: professional sports. The above picture was taken at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach where I performed at a Muscle & Fitness cover launch party. Among the many guests present was 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his friend Ben Paul, president & CEO of Arnold's After School All Stars.

Writing for Fitness Magazines

'Everything I learned about storytelling in music was translated into telling strong stories about fitness.'

I was pursuing music when the door opened for me to write for fitness magazines. My healing journey had taken me deep into the world of health & wellness, and the expertise I gained along the way landed me a job as a features writer for muscle & fitness, Hers, Flex, as well as Men's Health.

I got to meet fitness stars mega-star Dwayne Johnson, Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez, Michael B. Jordan from Rocky's "Apollo", Dolph Lundgren, Rocky's dreaded Russian foe. I got to know celebrities like Joe Mangianello, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more. There is a beautiful metaphor for life buried in the science of weightlifting: when you feel your muscles burning and fatiguing and you're tempted to give up, that's when your body builds the most muscle if you just keep going.

Meatless Monday & Influencing the Plant-Based Movement

One of the coolest things I got to do as a features writer was to influence to the plant-based movement.

I spearheaded some of the meathead magazines' first plant-based recipes. I started out talking about how bodybuilders can adopt a cleaner diet to clean out their systems, but eventually Muscle & Fitness adopted meatless Monday content as a whole to help fight the environmental impact farming and meat-consumption has on the planet.

I got to interview Sid Lerner, the founder of Meatless Monday, Gene Bauer, the founder of Farm Sanctuary, I became friends with T.K. Pillan, founder of Veggie Grill & Stand-Up Burgers (restaurant opening photo pictured above), Nick Stern, the founder of SunWarrior plant-based proteins, and Jimmy DeSisto, owner of Venice Bakery. Venice Bakery supplies dough to Domino's Pizza globally. They were the first global brand to commercially distribute a gluten-free pizza crust, which significantly propelled the plant-based movement forward.

Skid Row Marathon

'Sport forge connections with people who would have nothing in common otherwise.'

In 2016 I joined the Skid Row Running Club and trained for the LA Marathon alongside recovering homeless men and women living in the Midnight Mission and the group founder, Superior Court Judge of LA, Judge Craig Mitchell.

I used my connections with the magazines to introduce our editor Shawn Perine to the fitness scene on Skid Row. He wrote his editor's letter about all that was going on down there, and out of this, a generous reader Don Feeny procured new weightlifting equipment for the Midnight Mission's gym.

Health & Fitness, A New Journey For Me Now

Staying active is still and will always be a huge part of my life. I weight lift twice a week, play soccer with my husband, and hike four times per week with our outdoor leadership program for boys at DG Adventure Life Academy. My life was so enriched from my time writing for fitness magazines, but since getting cured of a chronic illness in 2019 and coming back to my faith, my strength journey is now a spiritual one first, and natural-remedy one second.