Meet Delfina

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Delfina Geus

Writer, entrepreneur, social activist, personal coach and wife.

Hi, I'm Delfina Geus, first generation American born and raised in a small beach town in Southern California called Manhattan Beach. My parents were self-employed, small-business owners from Argentina who raised me with a value for hard work and for using creativity to create solutions for the community. 

I grew up playing competitive soccer, basketball and volleyball. My dad was a professional rugby player, so athleticism was a central part of my life, until I learned to play the guitar in high school and 'found my voice.'

Senior year of high school I was voted president of the New Life Christian Club, which I led by singing & preaching the gospel. I was selected for the model United Nations travel team and participated in conferences all across the nation, winning the highest 'gavel' award in several of these conferences. Later, I had the opportunity to compete internationally in Berlin, Germany, debating with students from all over the world.


In 2007, I graduated Mira Costa High School at the top of my class at and was awarded with a full-ride scholarship to Pepperdine University, which I turned down to pursue a career in music. In 2010, I made my musical debut in Times Square, NYC on new year's eve in front of 1.2M people. I was promised a vibrant musical career and entered into several development deals, but trauma from my childhood surfaced and I was forced out of the limelight to take care of myself. 

The years I spent out of the spotlight were fruitful & satisfying. I started a small business mentoring young musical artists in songwriting & self-expression, and in 2015, I re-entered the publishing world, this time as a features writer for several health & fitness magazines. My writing took me into the A-list world of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and social activists, as well as to the dirty streets of Downtown Los Angeles, where I joined a running group called the Skid Row Running Club. In 2017, I finished the LA Marathon alongside my recovering homeless friends & group founder, Craig Mitchell, Superior Court Judge of LA.

Inspired by this win, I released a short film about my life called, 'The Coverup Girl' that broke the silence about my childhood story. In 2018, my dad sued me for this film, but I was supported by my community, extended family members, and top lawyer, Benedict Morelli, who represented me for free. Morelli led me into victory & freedom just three months later -- I won the lawsuit and the legal right to forever tell my story. At the end of the year, I founded a small non-profit called, Keep it Sacred Sister, (KISS), to empower survivors of sexual trauma. We provided rape-kit panties to the YWCA of Los Angeles for two years, until I felt the call to move on from this mission and away from telling my story in order to heal in a deeper way.

In 2019, my spiritual life blossomed and I returned to my Christian roots, reborn and re-baptized. It was then that all my symptoms of trauma and the chronic illness I battled for nine years were completely healed. I moved to Redding, CA to join the global movement of transformation and healing coming out of Bethel Church. I joined a soccer team where I met and married my best friend, David Geus, a year later.

I currently work with my husband David developing our outdoor adventure coaching program for boys, which we co-founded in May of 2022. I have since stepped away from personally coaching young artists in music & from pursuing my own musical career in order to build a new dream together. While my heart will always beat for music, the scope of my work & projects extends well beyond it now, delving into the realms of social justice, educational reform, and much more. I'm working alongside leaders in government, business, and faith institutions to create innovative solutions across a variety of arenas, all of which aim to passionately & powerfully impact the community. 

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