About Me

Writer, entrepreneur, social activist, personal coach, wife
Hi there, I'm Delfina Geus. My husband David and I live in Redding, CA. We own a business called, DG Adventure Life Academy,  which offers different leadership programs for boys. 

Outside of this, I work alongside leaders in  government, business, and faith institutions to create innovative solutions across a variety of arenas, all of which aim to powerfully transform the individual and the community at large. 

I run small groups for all kinds of people & interests worldwide, from entrepreneurship to supernatural childbirth and more.




Hi, I'm Delfina Geus, first generation American born and raised in a small beach town in Southern California called Manhattan Beach. My parents were self-employed, small-business owners from Argentina who raised me with a value for hard work and for using creativity to bring solutions to my community. 

I grew up playing competitive soccer, basketball and volleyball. My dad was a professional rugby player, so athleticism was a central part of my life, until I learned to play the guitar in high school and 'found my voice.'

Senior year of high school I was voted president of the New Life Christian Club, which I led by singing & preaching the gospel. I was selected for the model United Nations travel team and participated in conferences all across the nation, winning the highest 'gavel' award in several of these conferences. Later, I had the opportunity to compete internationally in Berlin, Germany, debating with students from all over the world.

In 2007, I graduated Mira Costa High School at the top of my class at and was awarded with a full-ride scholarship to Pepperdine University, which I turned down to pursue a career in music. In 2010, I made my musical debut in Times Square, NYC on new year's eve in front of 1.2M people. I was promised a vibrant musical career and entered into several development deals, but trauma from my childhood surfaced and I was forced out of the limelight to take care of myself. 

In 2013, I stepped back into my community and started a small business mentoring young musical artists. I taught music, songwriting & self-expression to children of all ages, and later I produced special collaborative projects with well-known artists & inner-city kids in New York and Los Angeles.


In 2015, I became a features writer for several health & fitness magazines. My writing took me into the A-list world of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and social activists, as well as to the dirty streets of Downtown Los Angeles, where I joined a running group called the Skid Row Running Club and witnessed the power of community to heal the broken. In 2017, I finished the LA Marathon alongside Craig Mitchell, Superior Court Judge of LA & founder of the group.

In 2018, I took inspiration from the Skid Row Marathon documentary and released a short film about my life called, 'The Coverup Girl' to break the silence about my childhood and step back into freedom in my musical artistry. In 2018, my dad sued me for this film I was led to victory by Jill Smoller (William Morris Endeavor) and Benedict Morelli (Morelli Law) and won the legal right to forever tell my story. At the end of that year, I founded a non-profit called, Keep it Sacred Sister, (KISS), to that provided recovery rape-kit panties to the YWCA of Los Angeles. 

In 2019, I sought deeper transformation for my life and I found new life in my faith in Jesus. I was re-baptized and reborn, and it was then that all my trauma symptoms and the chronic illness disappeared. A year after this miracle, I moved to Redding, California to join the global healing movement happening at Bethel Church. I put roots down and joined a recreational soccer team, where I eventually met and married the love of my life, David Geus.

David and I live in Redding where we own & run an a leadership program for boys called, DG Adventure Life Academy. I also lead several small groups & develop projects that bring innovation, strength, and integrity to my community. David and I still play soccer twice a week, attend church on Sundays, and hike the many trails that surround us in Shasta County.​