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About Delfina

Hi I'm Delfina Geus. I'm a born-again believer living a set-free life in Redding, CA with my husband and son. I dedicate my time to pouring out God's love into my local community and using my story as a catalyst for change in the lives of many. 

My passion for communication & writing have connected me with a wide community around the globe. I speak four languages and have had the privilege of collaborating with many high-profile artists, brands, and organizations with my expertise, working as a model, singer, professional writer, teacher, coach and author. 

My focus is spreading the message of truth around the world about healing with Jesus. With so many believers and non-believers alike turning more and more toward natural means of dealing with pain and trauma, the world needs to know now more than ever that with God healing is instant and permanent and was never intended to be a lifestyle. I've witnessed countless miracles from my ministry and continue to see breakthrough in the lives of my followers every day.

My husband and I run several business all focused around transformation. When we're not publishing authors, discipling kids, visiting prisons or making furniture, we're out enjoying nature, playing soccer and having a good time as a family.

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