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"If I Can Heal, You Can Heal: The Impossible Story of How I Got Free from 60 Symptoms of PTSD" by Delfina Geus

"If I Can Heal, You Can Heal" is the impossible story of how God freed me from 60 symptoms of PTSD. Follow my journey through Hollywood as I opened for JLO at twenty years old, to how God broke through the noise of my childhood to rescue me from trauma, and be inspired and get equipped with tools in the spirit that will set you up to receive an even greater miracle than I received. If I can heal, you can heal. 

"This book has delivered me from grief that I was holding onto for 20 years and had no idea ! This book is so amazing. I also got the audible and was able to listen to her read the book to me and then I got the tool book as well and I continue to work through this book over and over again. This is so powerful and such an easy way And truth on how God wants to deliver his children there’s not many steps. It’s really loving and I’m forever grateful. Thank you so much Delfina for being vulnerable and right. Your story to help many others. Get free! Get this book you won’t be disappointed."


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Available worldwide in English, Spanish, French and German. Para envíos a Sudamerica, haga clic aquí.

It's time to be done healing and celebrate your life.

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